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cubic adj : having three dimensions [syn: three-dimensional] [ant: linear, planar]

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  1. Used in the names of units of volume formed by multiplying a unit of length by itself twice.
    cubic metre, cubic foot
  2. Of a class of polynomial of the form a.x^3 + b.x^2 + c.x + d
  3. Having three equal axes and all angles 90°.


in the name of units of volume
of a polynomial of third degree
  • French: cubique
  • Italian: cubico, cubica
  • Russian: кубический, третьей степени
  • Swedish: tredjegrads-, kubisk
  • ttbc Polish: trójmian (polynominal), sześcienny (cubic root) This cannot be right: the definition says "of a polynomial of third degree" and does not mention cube roots (there is no term "cubic root" in English, and "polynominal" is incorrect. Ensure these are adjectives and not nouns.)


  1. A cubic curve.



cubic curve

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Cubic may refer to:


  • cubicle, a small area set off by walls for special use, such as a place to work, to shower, or with a toilet

Science and mathematics

  • cube, a three-dimensional solid object bounded by six square faces, facets or sides, with three meeting at each vertex
  • cubic curve (mathematics), a plane algebraic curve
  • cubic function (mathematics), a polynomial of degree three
  • cubic graph (mathematics - graph theory), a graph where all vertices have degree 3


  • cubic time, a website created by Gene Ray where he sets out his proposed description of the nature of the universe

Arts and entertainment

  • Cubic is the Scandinavian title for Equilibrium (2002 film), an action/science fiction film written and directed by Kurt Wimmer.


Cubic Enterprises, Inc. is a packaging and crating company in Cleveland, OH 60 Helwig Pkwy Berea, OH 44017 PH: 440-234-1311
cubic in Indonesian: Kubik

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